Bride Trilogy Series by Jane Feather

3.64 · 40 ratings
  • The Hostage Bride (Bride Trilogy #1)

    The Hostage Bride (Bride Trilogy #1)

    Jane Feather

    · 12 ratings · published 1998

    Dear Reader, Here is the first of my new "Brides" trilogy, in which three unconventional young women vow they will never marry--only to be overtaken by destiny. Bride #1 is the outspoken Portia.... It's bad enough that seventeen-year-old Portia Worth is taken in by her uncle, the marquis of Granville, after her father dies. As the bastard niece, Portia knows she can expect little beyond a roof over her head and a place at the table... more

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  • The Accidental Bride (Bride Trilogy #2)

    The Accidental Bride (Bride Trilogy #2)

    Jane Feather

    · 16 ratings · published 1999

    The tale of an awkward young woman perched reluctantly on the verge of marriage. Soon she finds herself truly falling in love with her intended, and in the process discovers a daring new attitude within herself. Three unconventional women take a vow never to marry, only to find themselves overtaken by destiny... more

  • The Least Likely Bride (Bride Trilogy #3)

    The Least Likely Bride (Bride Trilogy #3)

    Jane Feather

    · 12 ratings · published 2000

    Dear Reader, In my Brides Trilogy, three unconventional young women vow never to marry, only—one by one—to be overtaken by destiny. Scholarly Olivia is most certainly The Least Likely Bride... One moment Lady Olivia Granville is strolling along a path, her nose buried in a tome of Greek philosophy; the next she is plunging down a rocky cliff. When she regains consciousness, she is naked and unwittingly trapped on a pirate ship. Her captor, though, is no ordinary pirate... more

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