Billionaires in Love Series by Nadia Lee

3.70 · 50 ratings
  • Carnal Secrets (Billionaires in Love #1)

    Carnal Secrets (Billionaires in Love #1)

    Nadia Lee

    · 16 ratings · published 2011

    After a rapid change in management, Natalie Hall is surprised to find that she's being promoted so quickly. But when it becomes obvious that the new CEO is interested in her on a more personal level, she pushes him away -- she doesn't want to repeat her past mistake of giving her heart to the wrong man. A self-made billionaire, Alex Damon has his own reasons for pursuing Natalie. Her adoptive father, a powerful U.S... more

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  • Vengeful in Love (Billionaires in Love #1)

    Vengeful in Love (Billionaires in Love #1)

    Nadia Lee

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    REVENGE IS SWEET... Self-made billionaire Alex Damon wants his pound of flesh from the people who ripped his family apart. When he discovers his enemies' daughter is working at his company -- and most likely spying for them -- he decides to start his revenge by seducing her. Natalie Hall is stunned at the personal interest from the CEO of her company. Vulnerable, with an already bruised heart, she wants to avoid any involvement -- but she can't deny the desire he arouses in her. .. more

  • Redemption in Love (Billionaires in Love #3)

    Redemption in Love (Billionaires in Love #3)

    Nadia Lee

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    IT'S LOVE OR NOTHING... All Amandine Monroe ever wanted was to fit in with her glamorous and wealthy in-laws and live happily ever after with her handsome husband Gavin Lloyd. Three years after the wedding, she's still nowhere near fitting in with her in-laws, and Gavin has given her everything -- except his heart. When she finds out she's pregnant, she decides she can't raise her child in a home devoid of love. If she can't have Gavin's heart, only a divorce would do... more

  • Sweet in Love (Billionaires in Love #3.5)

    Sweet in Love (Billionaires in Love #3.5)

    Nadia Lee

    · 6 ratings · published 2014

    A Hot New Sexy Contemporary Romance Novella from Nadia Lee! A Hearts on the Line Novella HER BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER NEVER LOOKED SO HOT... Brooke de Lorenzo knows Pete Monroe is off-limits. They crossed that line once, in a make-out session that rocked her world, but anything more would be complicated. Messy. Unbelievably hot. And deep down, she's afraid the younger man might just break her heart... more

  • Forever in Love (Billionaires in Love #4)

    Forever in Love (Billionaires in Love #4)

    Nadia Lee

    · 4 ratings · published 2014

    Catherine Fairchild fakes being perfect by keeping everyone at arm's length. But her billionaire CEO husband's bigamy shatters the illusory life she's built, and vengeful in-laws want to send her to jail for embezzling from the failing family business. Desperate, she accepts an offer from a powerful friend: help him reconcile with his illegitimate son in return for protection... more

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