Plantation Trilogy Series by Gwen Bristow

3.97 · 26 ratings
  • Deep Summer (Plantation Trilogy #1)

    Deep Summer (Plantation Trilogy #1)

    Gwen Bristow

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Not long before the American Revolution, Judith Sheramy, a Puritan girl from New England, rode a flatboat down the Mississippi River with her family. On the river she met an adventurer, Philip Larne -- cavalier and slave smuggler. The story of Judith and Philip is one of struggle - the passionate struggle of their stormy marriage, their struggle from jungle cabin to plantation mansion, and the struggle or revolution... more

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  • The Handsome Road (Plantation Trilogy #2)

    The Handsome Road (Plantation Trilogy #2)

    Gwen Bristow

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN! The Old South was a world of extremes. Ann Sheramy Larne, a hoop-skirted belle, lived among stately mansions and dozens of Negro Servants. Corrie May Upjohn was "po' white trash," living in slavelike squalor down on the docks. The Civil War transformed their world. For Ann, the war meant disaaster-the end of everything she had known. But for Corrie May, it was a beginning-a chance to build an exciting new life on the ashes of the old.

  • This Side of Glory (Plantation Trilogy #3)

    This Side of Glory (Plantation Trilogy #3)

    Gwen Bristow

    · 8 ratings · published 1940

    New York Times–bestselling author Gwen Bristow presents a captivating love story that dramatizes the struggle between the ways of the old Louisiana plantation families and those of the new twentieth-century SouthIn 1912, Eleanor Upjohn sits with her father near the work camp, overseeing the construction of a levee on the Mississippi. In a region shattered by war, levees mean stability, prosperity, and modernity... more

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