The de Lacis Series by Deborah Simmons

3.87 · 19 ratings
  • The Devil's Lady (The de Lacis #1)

    The Devil's Lady (The de Lacis #1)

    Deborah Simmons

    · 11 ratings · published 1994

    Piers Montmorency 'Twas whispered that the mysterious Red Knight was more than mortal. Perhaps he'd even struck a devil's bargain to assure his warrior prowess. Yet Aisley sensed that Pier's shadows veiled a deeper secret. Aisley de Laci Like a whirlwind, Aisley descended on Dunmurrow castle to claim the Red Knight as her husband. And Piers knew his world was forever changed. But could a creature so full of joy and sunlight ever accept a life of passions draped in darkness?

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  • Maiden Bride (The de Lacis #2)

    Maiden Bride (The de Lacis #2)

    Deborah Simmons

    · 8 ratings · published 1996

    Wed for his revenge! Long believed dead, Nicholas de Laci has at last returned to England. He craves vengeance, but he is too late—his nemesis is slain. To claim his lands, Nicholas must wed his enemy's niece, Gillian Hexham... more

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