Aincourt's Hearts Series by Candace Camp

3.95 · 34 ratings
  • So Wild A Heart (Aincourt's Hearts #1)

    So Wild A Heart (Aincourt's Hearts #1)

    Candace Camp

    · 12 ratings · published 2002

    Generations ago, the Aincourt family was given a title and land for their loyalty to the king. But the former abbey they received came with a price - a curse that no family member would ever know happiness. Devin Aincourt, Earl of Ravenscar, makes no apologies for who he is - a drinker, a womanizer, a gambler. Having been cast aside by his disapproving father years before, Dev is content to live out his cursed life in this hedonistic manner... more

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  • The Hidden Heart (Aincourt's Hearts #2)

    The Hidden Heart (Aincourt's Hearts #2)

    Candace Camp

    · 11 ratings · published 2002

    Fate, it seemed, had done its worst. With his life in ruins, Richard Duke of Cleybourne, returned to his country estate to deal with the tragic loss he had suffered four years earlier. His plans, however, were interrupted by the arrival of Miss Jessica Maitland. The feisty, flame-haired governess had come to present her charge, Gabriella, as his new ward. Until love exposed much more to the story... more

  • Secrets Of The Heart (Aincourt's Hearts #3)

    Secrets Of The Heart (Aincourt's Hearts #3)

    Candace Camp

    · 11 ratings · published 2002

    On the surface, Michael Trent, the Earl of Westhampton, seems cold, enigmatic and bookish -- particularly to his wife, Rachel, who was forced into their marriage. Yet underneath Michael's quiet facade is a man who thrives on danger and intrigue, a daring secret agent who's working on one of London's toughest cases. And when Rachel becomes embroiled in the case, this master of disguise sets out to seduce the wife he secretly loves. But will he be able to win her heart? Or is it already too late?

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