The Forsaken Saga Series by Sophia Sharp

3.74 · 38 ratings
  • Forsaken (The Forsaken Saga #1)

    Forsaken (The Forsaken Saga #1)

    Sophia Sharp

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Nora Colburn was perfectly content in life. A junior in high school, she had good friends, a great family, and did well in school. Nothing particularly exciting ever happened where she lived, and everything was stable. But that all drastically changes when a new student arrives at Nora’s school. Wild rumors swirl about his past, and Nora becomes determined to find out the truth. As she gets to know the mysterious student, he shares with her an ancient secret.. more

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  • Revelations (The Forsaken Saga #2)

    Revelations (The Forsaken Saga #2)

    Sophia Sharp

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Nora has survived the dark caves, and emerged with Hunter by her side. But her escape is quickly tainted as she realizes the biggest danger still lies ahead... She has been transformed, and powers she has never known begin to manifest themselves within her body. As she struggles to gain control, how long will she be able to restrain herself - and her new bloodlust - from taking over? As she journeys onward, doubts begin to creep into her mind... more

  • Relentless (The Forsaken Saga #3)

    Relentless (The Forsaken Saga #3)

    Sophia Sharp

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    There is a prophecy that speaks of a time of great turmoil, a time when the rule of power will be overturned by the hammer of fate. That time has come, and one girl stands in the middle of it all... Nora has been reunited with Hunter, and together they must face the elders. But this time, they have the angels on their side. It is a precious advantage, but only if used properly... She has learned of the prophecy of her fate, and learned of her destiny... more

  • Foretold (The Forsaken Saga #4)

    Foretold (The Forsaken Saga #4)

    Sophia Sharp

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    In the epic fourth book of The Forsaken Saga, Nora comes face to face with the elders for the first time. With Hunter and the angels at her side, she will try to do that which no one has done: destroy the elders, and break their terrible reign of power. But it will not be easy. The elders have held on to their posts since the first memories of the Vassiz. Will prophecy be enough to guide Nora against them? If she succeeds, the world as she knows it will change forever... more

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