At Somerton Series by Leila Rasheed

3.69 · 24 ratings
  • Cinders & Sapphires (At Somerton #1)

    Cinders & Sapphires (At Somerton #1)

    Leila Rasheed

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    One house, two worlds... Rose Cliffe has never met a young lady like her new mistress. Clever, rich, and beautiful, Ada Averley treats Rose as an equal. And Rose could use a friend. Especially now that she, at barely sixteen, has risen to the position of ladies' maid. Rose knows she should be grateful to have a place at a house like Somerton. Still, she can't help but wonder what her life might have been had she been born a lady, like Ada... more

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  • Diamonds and Deceit (At Somerton #2)

    Diamonds and Deceit (At Somerton #2)

    Leila Rasheed

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    One house, two two in our sumptuous and enticing YA series about the servants and gentry at Somerton Court. A house divided... London is a whirl of balls and teas, alliances and rivalries. Rose has never felt more out of place. With the Season in full swing, she can't help but still feel a servant dressed up in diamonds and silk. Then Rose meets Alexander Ross, a young Scottish duke. Rose has heard the rumors about Ross's sordid past just like everyone else has... more

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