Fairbourne Quartet Series by Madeline Hunter

3.70 · 61 ratings
  • The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne (Fairbourne Quartet #1)

    The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne (Fairbourne Quartet #1)

    Madeline Hunter

    · 20 ratings · published 2012

    A woman running a prestigious London auction house? Preposterous! But that is exactly what Emma Fairbourne intends to do when her father dies, leaving her the reins of this fabulous enterprise. Of course, she is not addlepated enough to do this openly and scare away her wealthy collectors. So she and her friend concoct a deception, hiring a handsome and charming front man who will do her bidding.. more

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  • The Conquest of Lady Cassandra (Fairbourne Quartet #2)

    The Conquest of Lady Cassandra (Fairbourne Quartet #2)

    Madeline Hunter

    · 15 ratings · published 2013

    HER PRIDE. HIS PREJUDICE. THEIR PASSION. As headstrong as she is beautiful, Lady Cassandra Vernham defied convention when she refused to marry the man who had compromised her. Now, estranged from her family, Cassandra struggles to make ends meet. A recent auction of her jewels has brought her a modicum of relief, but one of the most valuable lots was never paid for by the highest bidder: handsome, rakish Viscount Ambury. Cassandra needs that money badly, and not to buy a new hat... more

  • The Counterfeit Mistress (Fairbourne Quartet #3)

    The Counterfeit Mistress (Fairbourne Quartet #3)

    Madeline Hunter

    · 12 ratings · published 2013

    A refugee from the war in France, Marielle Lyon has established herself at the fringes of London society and welcomes the gossip that she is a s py. The more eyes watching her, the better protected she is -- and the better her chances are at saving her father's life. A warrior at heart, Gavin Norwood, Viscount Kendale, would still be in uniform if not for his older brother's untimely death. Kenale doesn't trust the French, or their femmes fatales... more

  • The Accidental Duchess (Fairbourne Quartet #4)

    The Accidental Duchess (Fairbourne Quartet #4)

    Madeline Hunter

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    From New York Times bestselling author Madeline Hunter comes this seductive tale of a headstrong young lady, a scandalous manuscript, and the iron-willed duke determined to save her from her ruin. For fans of Mary Balogh, Eloisa James, and Julia Quinn... more

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