Dark Riders Motorcycle Club Series by Elsa Day

3.49 · 36 ratings
  • Wild (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #1)

    Wild (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #1)

    Elsa Day

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    Which will she choose? Love, or safety? Lilly Clarkfeld just wants to be a regular college student. In her dreams she is a nurse, has a family, and is safe. That's not much to ask. But when she's forced to return to her childhood home because of her mother's illness, everything changes. >Lilly's car crashes and she's taken in the night by the Dark Riders. It could have been any motorcycle club, but it was his. Lilly's first love... more

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  • Venom (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #2)

    Venom (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #2)

    Elsa Day

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Lilly Clarkfeld never wanted this life. Instead of burying her head in books, she finds herself on the back of a motorcycle. Not only that, but her arms are wrapped around Asher, the Dark Riders' rugged VP, and Lily's first love. But when Lilly is kidnapped by a rival club, all her carefully crafted plans go flying out the window. Venom, the ruthless president of Tarantulas MC, is not the kind of man to say please... more

  • Blood (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #3)

    Blood (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #3)

    Elsa Day

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    It's now, or never. There's no one and nowhere left for Lilly to run to. Trapped by Tarantula MC President, Venom, Lilly only has two choices. Betray her love and the Dark Riders MC. Or Die. Lilly is willing to give up for life for Asher. She wants justice. She wants revenge. And she'll do anything to make sure that happens. But will she be able to get what she wants? Lilly's plan goes horribly wrong and bullets fly. Will her story end in happiness? Or will there be nothing but tears?

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