Eighty Days Series by Vina Jackson

3.25 · 46 ratings
  • Eighty Days Yellow (Eighty Days #1)

    Eighty Days Yellow (Eighty Days #1)

    Vina Jackson

    · 18 ratings · published 2012

    The international bestseller that takes readers on a daring new adventure in erotic romanceCaught in a frustrating relationship with a man who can’t accept her for who she is, passionate, flame-haired violinist Summer Zahova finds release in her music. She spends her afternoons playing for money in the London Underground, lost in the works of Vivaldi or Mendelssohn... more

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  • Eighty Days Blue (Eighty Days #2)

    Eighty Days Blue (Eighty Days #2)

    Vina Jackson

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    The addictive and enticing second book in Vina Jackson’s international bestselling romance trilogyRecently settled in New York, flame-haired musician Summer Zahova is enjoying life as a violinist with a major orchestra. Under the watchful eye of Simón, her striking Venezuelan conductor, both Summer and her career flourish... more

  • Eighty Days Red (Eighty Days #3)

    Eighty Days Red (Eighty Days #3)

    Vina Jackson

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    World-renowned violinist Summer Zahova returns to London—the city where it all began. Free and single in the hedonistic capital, Summer embarks on a series of steamy affairs, embracing exciting new opportunities and traveling to Europe to fulfill her dreams. When Summer’s priceless violin is stolen, fate brings wealthy and charismatic Dominik back into her life... more

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