Jessica Wild Series by Gemma Townley

3.41 · 30 ratings
  • The Importance of Being Married (Jessica Wild #1)

    The Importance of Being Married (Jessica Wild #1)

    Gemma Townley

    · 16 ratings · published 2008

    Jessica Wild isn’t big on commitment. But after inheriting millions from Grace, a sweet old lady she met in her grandmother’s nursing home, the situation seems to have changed. To put an end to the many questions about her nonexistent love life, Jess had led Grace to believe she had a boyfriend-turned-fiancé-turned-husband: her glamorous boss, Anthony Milton. But Jess’s fantasy to keep Grace happy has backfired–Grace has passed away and left her fortune not to Jessica Wild but to Mrs... more

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  • A Wild Affair (Jessica Wild #2)

    A Wild Affair (Jessica Wild #2)

    Gemma Townley

    · 8 ratings · published 2009

    The big day is almost here for Jessica Wild. She’s finally engaged to the perfect man–sexy, wonderful Max–and is in the middle of planning the perfect wedding. Nothing, absolutely nothing, stands between her and happily-ever-after. Well, almost nothing. Probably nothing. You see, lately Max has been evasive, even secretive. And when Jessica answers his mobile and hears a sultry woman’s voice on the other end, it’s the last straw... more

  • An Ideal Wife (Jessica Wild #3)

    An Ideal Wife (Jessica Wild #3)

    Gemma Townley

    · 6 ratings · published 2010

    How to ruin a perfectly good marriage: become an Ideal Wife! Married to the man she loves—sweet, sexy Max—Jessica Wild-Wainwright is blissfully happy . . . except for one tiny little problem: She never confessed to an (almost) tryst with Max’s biggest rival right before their wedding. Eaten up with guilt and facing down threats of exposure, Jessica decides to give Max what he clearly still lacks: the Ideal Wife... more

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