Tutu's & Cowboy Boots Series by Casey Peeler

4.33 · 6 ratings
  • #1

    Tutu's & Cowboy Boots: Part One (Tutu's & Cowboy Boots #1)

    Casey Peeler

    · 6 ratings · published 2015

    Cadence Lewis has been dancing since she could walk. Living in New York with her parents she has the chance to go to the best dance school in the country, but when her father does the unthinkable she’s forced to leave her dreams behind and move to a small southern town with her mom. Cadence is having a hard time adjusting to her new life when she meets Jade Carpenter... more

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  • #2

    Tutus & Cowboy Boots: Part Two (Tutu's & Cowboy Boots #2)

    Casey Peeler

    · 3 ratings · published 2016

    After an eventful Christmas break, Cadence Lewis is shaken to the core. The life she lived in New York no longer makes sense. Faced with so many questions she runs to the only person who has ever listened to her. Now she has to decide how to say goodbye to the past, discover herself, and embrace a future in a life she never wanted. Will Cadence be able to overcome the path she’s been given or will she take the easy way out?

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