The Glimpse Duology Series by Claire Merle

3.54 · 20 ratings
  • The Glimpse (The Glimpse Duology #1)

    The Glimpse (The Glimpse Duology #1)

    Claire Merle

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    In a near future, society is segregated according to whether people are genetically disposed to mental illness. 17-year-old Ana has been living the privileged life of a Pure due to an error in her DNA test. When the authorities find out, she faces banishment from her safe Community, a fate only thwarted by the fact that she has already been promised to Pure-boy Jasper Taurell. Jasper is from a rich and influential family and despite Ana’s condition, wants to be with her... more

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  • The Fall (The Glimpse Duology #2)

    The Fall (The Glimpse Duology #2)

    Claire Merle

    · 6 ratings · published 2013

    London, in the not-so-distant future. Society has been divided into Pures and Crazies according to the results of a DNA test. But seventeen-year-old Ana, whose father invented the Pure test, has uncovered a recording with dangerous evidence that the tests are fake. Ana has escaped her father and made it to the Enlightenment Project - a secluded protest group living on the outskirts of the City. Back in the arms of Cole nothing is simple... more

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