Moon Magick Series by Amber Scott

3.51 · 15 ratings
  • Irish Moon (Moon Magick #1)

    Irish Moon (Moon Magick #1)

    Amber Scott

    · 12 ratings · published 2011

    Druid Magick... Breanne grapples with the old ways, her mentor murdered before she masters her talents. The stranger washed ashore must be the key to proving murder. Knight Errant... Ashlon made a vow to bury the Bloodstone, it's horrific past, it's secrets, in the farthest reaches of Ireland. Fate's Twisted Course... Passion binds them but betrayal will test every belief under an Irish Moon.

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  • Enchanted Moon (Moon Magick #2)

    Enchanted Moon (Moon Magick #2)

    Amber Scott

    · 3 ratings · published 2013

    Quinlan Blake returned to Tir Conaill seeking peace. Not war, nor trouble, and certainly not love. Fate has its own plans though, pushing Ailyn D'Eru directly into his path. And into his arms. Despite her keen attraction to him, Ailyn has no desire for his or any hand in marriage. The search for her missing liege consumes her and embroils him. No matter how hard he works to circumvent the treachery surrounding her, he canno' sidestep destiny... more

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