Beautiful Biker Series by D.D. Prince

4.31 · 32 ratings
  • Detour (Beautiful Biker #1)

    Detour (Beautiful Biker #1)

    D.D. Prince

    · 8 ratings · published 2016

    Love an over-the-top possessive dirty-talking book boyfriend who is an alpha male biker without being an alpha-hole? You need to meet Deacon. Contains: smokin' hot steamy scenes, romance, drunk texting, erotic spankings, a battery-operated boyfriend, dirty-talking, shoe shot-put, celebrity and puppet impersonations, a soft drink war, pudding shooters, laughs, tears, a bit of darkness. Oh... and an HEA... more

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  • Joyride: (Beautiful Biker #2)

    Joyride: (Beautiful Biker #2)

    D.D. Prince

    · 4 ratings · published 2018

    The Short Blurb, for those who have read Detour (which is optional but recommended) In book one of the Beautiful Biker series, Ella’s best friend Jenna was interested in Deacon’s brother, Rider, and after spending the night with him, told Ella she’d spent the night with the father of her future children. But then she got that video text with that very damning evidence that Rider was someone she should stay FAR away from... more

  • Scenic Route (Beautiful Biker #3)

    Scenic Route (Beautiful Biker #3)

    D.D. Prince

    · 6 ratings · published 2018

    Take the ride to Happily Ever After with Beautiful Biker Spencer Valentine of The Dominion Brotherhood MC. Best experienced after Detour (Beautiful Biker 1) and Joyride (Beautiful Biker 2) Spencer knows it’s a long and winding road to happily ever after. He’s got baggage. He has a chip on his shoulder. Recent events have woken him up, made him realize he has to get over the past and move forward... more

  • Crossroads: (Beautiful Biker #4)

    Crossroads: (Beautiful Biker #4)

    D.D. Prince

    · 8 ratings · published 2020

    The biker was leather, wind, muscles, and Alpha. Christian Forker was a beautiful biker. And if I had my way, he was going to be mine. Jojo Valentine, biker princess, wants a beautiful biker of her own.Unfortunately, her father is Prez and her three brothers are members of The Dominion Brotherhood and act as a virtual chastity belt.Christian "Fork" Forker is a recently patched-over member who has shown he's not one to shy away from anything, even if people think he's a dick.Jojo wants him... more

  • Lockdown: A Beautiful Biker Series Novelette (Beautiful Biker #4.5)

    Lockdown: A Beautiful Biker Series Novelette (Beautiful Biker #4.5)

    D.D. Prince

    · 6 ratings · published 2020

    A Beautiful Biker Series quarantine story.Told from Deacon Valentine's point-of-view, what happens when the Dominion Brotherhood MC votes to lock down all the loved ones in the new clubhouse compound?Read Lockdown and get all the delicious details. :)Catch up with:Deacon and EllaRider and JennaSpencer and PippaFork and Jojoand get a sneak peek of the goodness of Daddy Deke and Laura ;)This novella is about 60 pages and available for a limited time.

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