The Bay Boys Series by Emilia Winters

3.97 · 29 ratings
  • Electric (The Bay Boys #1)

    Electric (The Bay Boys #1)

    Emilia Winters

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    He made her feel electric. Like volts of energy fizzled through her veins, racing, constantly stimulating. It was intoxicating and thrilling. And for the first time in her life, she felt truly alive. Luke Branford. Notorious womanizer. Shameless flirt. Heir to his family’s multi-million dollar business. His motto? No love, no relationships. Just pure, carnal sex…no strings-attached... more

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  • The Fifth Lesson (The Bay Boys #2)

    The Fifth Lesson (The Bay Boys #2)

    Emilia Winters

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    A virgin. A flirt. Four sizzling lessons of seduction. Computer whiz Adam Thornton can program the most complex software. Give him source code or static analysis, but the moment a woman enters into the equation, he’s hopelessly lost. Especially if that woman is Christie Allaway, the alluring femme fatale of his most wicked fantasies, who can render him mute with a single smile. The same woman who very publicly friend-zones him, much to his humiliation... more

  • Beyond Broken (The Bay Boys #3)

    Beyond Broken (The Bay Boys #3)

    Emilia Winters

    · 9 ratings · published 2016

    "You want a taste of what I can give you? Well, you know what, princess?" he sneered. "Get in the fucking line.” Words that describe Caleb Montgomery: sinfully erotic, unbearably cold, beautifully devastating. Once upon a time, Maddie Ashby thought that he was the man of her dreams. But the boy with obsidian eyes that she’d once adored is long gone, replaced by a man whose broken past has molded and shaped him into someone unrecognizably cruel and hardened... more

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