Territory Trysts Series by Pamela Morsi

3.89 · 31 ratings
  • Wild Oats (Territory Trysts #1)

    Wild Oats (Territory Trysts #1)

    Pamela Morsi

    · 16 ratings · published 1993

    The last thing Cora Briggs expected was to see a fine young man like Jedwin Sparrow at her doorstep. After all, she'd been shunned by the citizens of Dead Dog, Oklahoma for so long that she'd given up hope of having any respectable gentleman callers. But the last thing Jed expected was romance. He was looking for a sophisticated woman to help him sow his wild oats. Instead, Cora made him a proposition of her own--one that would cause a fury in the town--and cause her to question her own heart... more

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  • Runabout (Territory Trysts #2)

    Runabout (Territory Trysts #2)

    Pamela Morsi

    · 15 ratings · published 1994

    In Prattville (formerly called Dead Dog), Oklahoma, in 1916, Tulsa May Bruder has given up on love. Her first and only suitor -- Doctor Odysseus P. Foote, better known as Doc Odie -- has jilted her at their very public engagement party. The whole town is talking and Tulsa May feels like the local wallflower... more

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