Fenrir Wolves Series by Eden Cole

3.52 · 32 ratings
  • Not My Wolf (Fenrir Wolves #1)

    Not My Wolf (Fenrir Wolves #1)

    Eden Cole

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    As Alpha of his Rocky Mountains fenrir wolf pack, Corey has a lot on his plate. He thinks things are only getting better when his erotic dreams indicate he’s about to meet his mate. His Beta and best friend invites him on a double date, and Corey agrees, hoping this woman will be his one. To his shock and disbelief, he’s attracted to her brother instead—the big, muscular, overbearing man with a southern drawl... more

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  • Touch My Wolf (Fenrir Wolves #2)

    Touch My Wolf (Fenrir Wolves #2)

    Eden Cole

    · 10 ratings · published 2011

    Blaine has been given the unlucky task of taming the wilder fenrir wolf shifters his pack have taken captive after the fight with their rivals. The worse of the four, the biggest and wildest, appeals to him. Blaine cannot believe how badly he wants this man who had been the lover of the slain Alpha leader. Gamble wants revenge for the death of the man he loved. Even if they weren’t mated, he cared about his Alpha, and when he escapes he plans to kill every one of the pack that holds him... more

  • Heal My Wolf (Fenrir Wolves #3)

    Heal My Wolf (Fenrir Wolves #3)

    Eden Cole

    · 8 ratings · published 2011

    Brandt is sent off to scout out new land at Corey, his alpha's, command. But when he gets caught in a flash flood and his car overturns, he wakes up in the bed of one sexy man. Brandt is attracted right away to Tyr, a healer, and from the look of the tented pants, the feeling is mutual. There's one problem--Tyr is a forest cat shifter. Dogs and cats mating? Yeah, probably not... more

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