Sarah Beauhall Series by J.A. Pitts

3.64 · 26 ratings
  • Black Blade Blues (Sarah Beauhall #1)

    Black Blade Blues (Sarah Beauhall #1)

    J.A. Pitts

    · 15 ratings · published 2010

    Sarah Beauhall has more on her plate than most twenty-somethings: day job as a blacksmith, night job as a props manager for low-budget movies, and her free time is spent fighting in a medieval re-enactment group. The lead actor breaks Sarah’s favorite one-of-a-kind sword, and to avoid reshooting scenes, Sarah agrees to repair the blade. One of the extras, who claims to be a dwarf, offers to help. And that’s when things start to get weird... more

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  • Honeyed Words (Sarah Beauhall #2)

    Honeyed Words (Sarah Beauhall #2)

    J.A. Pitts

    · 11 ratings · published 2011

    Sarah Beauhall is a blacksmith, has a night job as a props manager for a low-budget movie, and spends her free time fighting in a medieval re-enactment group. Her world falls apart when she discovers that dragons are real and live among us as shapeshifters; in fact, it is they who have been the secret masters of our world from time immemorial. On top of all this, it appears that Sarah has managed to reforge an ancient sword that everyone suddenly wants.. more

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