Story of O Series by Pauline Réage, Adriaan Morriën, Raymond van den Boogaard, Jean Paulhan, Sabine d'Estree

3.33 · 57 ratings
  • Het verhaal van O (Story of O #1)

    Het verhaal van O (Story of O #1)

    Pauline Réage, Adriaan Morriën, Raymond van den Boogaard

    · 24 ratings · published 1954

    In 1954 werd literair Frankrijk opgeschrikt door de publicatie van de sado-masochistische roman Histoire d’O ( Het verhaal van O ), geschreven door ene Pauline Réage. Het verhaal over O, die zich volledig onderwerpt aan haar man en tot lustobject wordt gereduceerd, zorgde, ook bij de verschijning in Nederland in 1969, voor veel ophef... more

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  • Story of O (Story of O #1)

    Story of O (Story of O #1)

    Pauline Réage, Sabine d'Estree

    · 25 ratings · published 2013

    The Story of O relates the progressive willful debasement of a young and beautiful Parisian fashion photographer, O, who wants nothing more than to be a slave to her lover, René. The test is severe—sexual in method, psychological in substance… The artistic interest here has precisely to do with the use not only of erotic materials but also erotic methods, the deliberate stimulation of the reader as a part of and means to a total, authentic literary experience... more

  • Return to the Chateau (Story of O #2)

    Return to the Chateau (Story of O #2)

    Pauline Réage

    · 8 ratings · published 1995

    The precursor to Fifty Shades of Grey, Pauline Réage’s Story of O continues, as a woman returns to the place of her deepest, most intimate erotic initiation.She gave up everything to surrender to the forces of sensual love. Beautiful “O” is a Parisian photographer who makes a bold choice to follow her most forbidden desires. Her story takes her to the deepest, most dangerous places of domination, where the pleasures of the flesh meet the needs of the heart... more

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