The Narrow Path Series by Gail Sattler

3.83 · 12 ratings
  • The Narrow Path (The Narrow Path #1)

    The Narrow Path (The Narrow Path #1)

    Gail Sattler

    · 10 ratings · published 2009

    The Narrow Path is a story about a couple who must face their differences and learn to work together as they look toward a lifetime of love. Miranda Klassen's Mennonite church is big and modern and she loves the mixture of faith, action, and activity. But in order to follow her dream she moves across the country to a small town to organize the 75th anniversary celebration of an Old Order Mennonite church... more

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  • The Path to Piney Meadows (The Narrow Path #2)

    The Path to Piney Meadows (The Narrow Path #2)

    Gail Sattler

    · 2 ratings · published 2013

    Running from his frustrating life, Chad loses his way on Christmas Eve and soon stumbles on the remote town of Piney Meadows. Before long, he falls in love with the people of the Old Order Mennonite community, accepts a job, and settles into the area. He is touched by the good people and their strong faith, even though he still has a lingering dispute with God. Most of all, he is fond of Anna. The more he gets to know her, the more he falls in love with her... more

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