Gynazule Series by Debra Anastasia

3.55 · 24 ratings
  • Fire Down Below (Gynazule #1)

    Fire Down Below (Gynazule #1)

    Debra Anastasia

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Dove Glitch is embarrassed about everything above her knees and below her belly button. When she has to fill a delicate, embarrassing prescription the last thing she needs is a sexy-as-hell (and brand spanking new) pharmacist behind the counter. Johnson Fitzwell’s first day of his dream career also happens to coincide with the exact moment Dove needs her feminine meds filled. His glorious voice is way too loud–as in, he should be counting down the hits with Ryan Seacrest kind of loud... more

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  • Fire in the Hole (Gynazule #2)

    Fire in the Hole (Gynazule #2)

    Debra Anastasia

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Here’s what you, the brave reader, need to know. Fire Down Below has a sequel. I know; everyone’s super surprised that Amazon allowed me to keep the poop-your-pants book up all this time. In Fire in the Hole, Dove’s sausage-loving neighbor has realized he’s wildly in love with her lurchingly awkward butt. Johnson is the pharmacist of her dreams until he tells her over Twitter—goddamnit—that he has plans with an ex-girlfriend... more

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