Pale Immortal Series by Anne Frasier, Theresa Weir

3.70 · 20 ratings
  • Pale Immortal (Pale Immortal #1)

    Pale Immortal (Pale Immortal #1)

    Anne Frasier, Theresa Weir

    · 10 ratings · published 2006

    The sleepy town of Tuonela, Wisconsin, is known for one thing: the killer who stalked its streets one hundred years ago, drinking the blood of his victims. And when the drained corpse of a young girl is found, the citizens fear their past has risen from the grave--and point their fingers at one man.... Evan Stroud can never see the light of day... more

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  • Garden of Darkness (Pale Immortal #2)

    Garden of Darkness (Pale Immortal #2)

    Anne Frasier, Theresa Weir

    · 10 ratings · published 2007

    Haunted by both the town of Tuonela and the betrayal of Evan Stroud, medical examiner Rachel Burton tries to leave, but is brought back by the skinned body found in the woods. Others are coming to Tuonela, drawn to the legend of the Pale Immortal, the so-called vampire whose exhumed body is now on display. And others will die. As Evan succumbs to madness, those around him will suspect the worst of him. But nothing he is rumored to be will compare to the one who has been awakened...

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