The Greek Tycoons Series by Lynne Graham

3.68 · 41 ratings
  • The Petrakos Bride (The Greek Tycoons #2)

    The Petrakos Bride (The Greek Tycoons #2)

    Lynne Graham

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    The Greek tycoon's unsuitable bride...Maddie Conway had long held a candle for Greek tycoon Giannis Petrakos.Actually, it was more of a torch. Not only had Giannis once lavished his time and money on the charity for terminally ill children that had cared for Maddie's twin sister in her final days - he was sinfully gorgeous. So it had to be fate that Maddie ended up temping at Petrakos Industries - albeit in a lowly clerical position - and she was afforded another encounter with her idol... more

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  • The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress (The Greek Tycoons #10)

    The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress (The Greek Tycoons #10)

    Lynne Graham

    · 11 ratings · published 2005

    THE MISTRESS WIFE ... Greek billionaire Andreas Nicolaidis had never kept a mistress for longer than three months ... until Hope Evans entered his bed. But now, even after two years together, Andreas has no intention of making Hope his wife. She knows it is time to leave the man she loves, but then she discovers that she's expecting his child. Suddenly Andreas is looking at things very differently ... his formerly convenient mistress will become his permanent wife!

  • The Stephanides Pregnancy (The Greek Tycoons #17)

    The Stephanides Pregnancy (The Greek Tycoons #17)

    Lynne Graham

    · 7 ratings · published 2004

    Women in uniform weren't Cristos Stephanides' thing--until he saw Betsy, in her chauffeur's outfit at the wheel of his hired limousine... He was determined to seduce her, and his enemies thoughtfully provided the opportunity by holding him captive on a Mediterranean island, along with Betsy. While they waited to be rescued, Cristos pursued his passion plan with increased enthusiasm...despite Betsy pointing out to him that she could well become pregnant with his child...

  • Expectant Bride (The Greek Tycoons #28)

    Expectant Bride (The Greek Tycoons #28)

    Lynne Graham

    · 11 ratings · published 2000

    A wedding, a baby... but what about love? Ellie Morgan hoped to buy the bookshop where she worked, so evenings she moonlighted as a cleaner at Alexiakis International... Until she overheard Dio Alexiakis discussing a top-secret deal, and he insisted that Ellie was an industrial spy! Ellie was unnerved by her confrontation with Dio Alexiakis. However, Dio knew just how he would deal with her.... Ellie found herself on her way to Dio's island, and two days and nights of perfect passion.. more

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