Darkwing Chronicles Series by Savannah Russe

3.65 · 44 ratings
  • Beyond the Pale (Darkwing Chronicles #1)

    Beyond the Pale (Darkwing Chronicles #1)

    Savannah Russe

    · 12 ratings · published 2005

    The government knows that Daphne Urban is a vampire, and they have an ultimatum: spy for them, or be killed. The choice is easy. She can speak 13 languages, has a genius IQ, and has escaped detection for nearly five hundred years-making her perfect for Team Darkwing. Her first mission is to get close to Bonaventure, a shady arms dealer with an unexpected gift for seduction. But when Darius, a darkly sexy vampire slayer, begins chasing her, Darius is torn between desire and duty... more

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  • Past Redemption (Darkwing Chronicles #2)

    Past Redemption (Darkwing Chronicles #2)

    Savannah Russe

    · 10 ratings · published 2006

    There's a lethal new recreational drug out on the party circuit. To stop its spread, Team Darkwing must immerse themselves in New York City's nightlife, where they discover ties between the drug's revenue and the country's most powerful dynasty. To infiltrate the family, Daphne flirts with its weakest link, a party boy whom she'd love to sink her teeth into... more

  • Beneath the Skin (Darkwing Chronicles #3)

    Beneath the Skin (Darkwing Chronicles #3)

    Savannah Russe

    · 8 ratings · published 2007

    No one can tell that Daphne Urban is a vampire. But the government knows-and she's been recruited to spy for them. To get over a recent break-up, Daphne must throw herself into her work, joining her colleagues to chase down a ruthless enemy. Mysterious, cruel, and unstoppable, this assassin is dead-set on killing a certain presidential candidate. Now Team Darkwing has to find him before it's too late... more

  • In the Blood (Darkwing Chronicles #4)

    In the Blood (Darkwing Chronicles #4)

    Savannah Russe

    · 8 ratings · published 2007

    Since the feds coerced sleek New York vampire Daphne Urban into spying for the U.S., she's been part of Team Darkwing. Their latest assignment: rescue the kidnapped daughters of the city's elite. The terrorists demand gold-and access to a military secret. So Darkwing goes on the prowl in the depraved, secret vampire underworld. It's a world of passions that Daphne has always shunned, until temptation finds her. And if she wants to save the kidnapped girls, she can't get distracted...

  • Under Darkness (Darkwing Chronicles #5)

    Under Darkness (Darkwing Chronicles #5)

    Savannah Russe

    · 6 ratings · published 2008

    The terrorist threat to America continues, but this time it's so top secret that only those in the highest circles of government know about it. As it unfolds, Daphne and the vampire spies, the Darkwings, become the first?and only?line of defense to save a city. Team Darkwing's assignment: decipher and defuse the terrorist plot. But Daphne gets distracted when vampire hunters storm the city... more

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