The Bride Series by S. Doyle

4.16 · 47 ratings
  • The Bride (The Bride #1)

    The Bride (The Bride #1)

    S. Doyle

    · 15 ratings · published 2017

    Ellie So here’s the deal. I’m sixteen and I’m getting married. Super weird, I know. My dad is a cattle rancher in Montana. Or he was, until he died suddenly, leaving me an orphan (which is still a thing). I’m sixteen months away from being a legal adult, so I have two choices. Foster home, or married. To Jake Talley. The foreman of the ranch and my best friend. It’s legal. It solves all my problems... more

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  • The Wife (The Bride #2)

    The Wife (The Bride #2)

    S. Doyle

    · 15 ratings · published 2017

    Ellie I married Jake Talley when I was sixteen because I was an orphan left with a cattle ranch to run, and getting hitched was the only way to keep me out of a foster home. It was supposed to be easy; a marriage of convenience. Only I'm not a kid anymore and my husband is the hottest guy in Riverbend, Montana. The plan was to get divorced when I turned eighteen but life got in the way. Life, my feelings…the kiss. Did I mention the kiss? Only now he won’t let himself touch me... more

  • The Lover (The Bride #3)

    The Lover (The Bride #3)

    S. Doyle

    · 13 ratings · published 2017

    EllieQuick recap. My dad died leaving me an orphan. Jake stepped in and married me rather than letting me go to a foster home. Did I mention I was only sixteen at the time?It was okay for a while until it wasn’t. Because those feelings that I had for Jake as my oldest friend slowly turned into something else over the years. Feelings he could NOT deal with. So I did the right thing and divorced him. It was the right thing. I’m pretty sure it was the right thing... more

  • The Homecoming (The Bride #5)

    The Homecoming (The Bride #5)

    S. Doyle

    · 4 ratings · published 2017

    Ruby I needed to get away. Someplace safe. Someplace far away from the mess I've made of my life. Turns out I have a half-brother I never knew about. I took a chance, left everything behind to go find him in Riverbend, Montana. Then because I’m me and I have my luck, my car broke down.The surly cowboy who picked me up didn’t seem thrilled with the idea that I was showing up unannounced at Long Valley Ranch. But he didn’t know I had no options left... more

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