Santori Stories Series by Leslie Kelly, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Stephanie Bond, Janelle Denison, Tori Carrington

3.76 · 34 ratings
  • Behind The Red Doors (Santori Stories #1)

    Behind The Red Doors (Santori Stories #1)

    Vicki Lewis Thompson, Stephanie Bond, Leslie Kelly

    · 6 ratings · published 2003

    You'll never guess which one leads to love. Door #1-Vicki Lewis Thompson Jamie Ruskin never considered using her knowledge of aromatherapy to help her attract men -- until now. This Valentine's Day, she's going to get the guy she's lusted after for years -- rugged Dev Sherman. Armed with essential, sensual oils, Jamie's planning to seduce Dev's senses -- and then hope that the rest of him will follow . . more

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  • That's Amore! (Santori Stories #2)

    That's Amore! (Santori Stories #2)

    Janelle Denison, Tori Carrington, Leslie Kelly

    · 2 ratings · published 2005

    - She is a USA Today bestselling author who has written over 20 novels for Harlequin Books and Kensington. - 70% of her Harlequin Temptation novels have ranked #1 or #2 in their month. - She is a two-time RITA Award nominee, with 24 novels published with Harlequin Books. - Four of her past six Harlequin Blaze titles have ranked #1 or #2 in their month. - This author also writes the Sophie Metropolis romantic mystery series published by Tor... more

  • Don't Open Till Christmas (Santori Stories #3)

    Don't Open Till Christmas (Santori Stories #3)

    Leslie Kelly

    · 4 ratings · published 2005

    Twas the night before Christmas and Noelle wanted so much, just one burning night of Mark's kisses and touch. Wearing nothing but a red bow. That's how social worker Noelle Bradenton wanted to find Chicago cop Mark Santori under her Christmas tree. Delicious Mark could jingle her bells any time, except he was investigating the disappearance of toys from the women's shelter where she worked. And all signs point to the thief being St... more

  • Asking For Trouble (Santori Stories #4)

    Asking For Trouble (Santori Stories #4)

    Leslie Kelly

    · 6 ratings · published 2006

    Meet the Santoris of Chicago-A Big Italian Family Looking For Love! She's ready for a wild fling... With five older brothers, Lottie Santori has always felt protected to an annoying degree. They have hovered over her and scared off any guy who gets too close. Which is why, when she gets a chance to go do some research at a spooky old hotel, she leaps at the chance for a break from her family... more

  • Overexposed (Santori Stories #5)

    Overexposed (Santori Stories #5)

    Leslie Kelly

    · 8 ratings · published 2007

    Isabella Natale is living a double life. By day she turns out desserts in the family bakery. But at night she transforms into The Crimson Rose, Chicago's hottest exotic dancer, an enigmatic siren whose velvet mask and G-string drive men wild. Nobody knows about her secret--not even Nick Santori, the strip club's hot new bodyguard...and her first crush. He'd always treated little "Izzy" as just another sweet kid. But there's nothing sweet about his sizzling reaction to Rose... more

  • One Wild Wedding Night (Santori Stories #5.5)

    One Wild Wedding Night (Santori Stories #5.5)

    Leslie Kelly

    · 8 ratings · published 2008

    This is one super-sexy wedding night these five women will never forget! Meet the lucky bridesmaids: A totally hot FBI agent offers his full-body protection to very willing witness Bridget Donahue. Stripper Leah Muldoon bares it all for a sexy stranger in a limo, much to their mutual satisfaction! Wild big-city attorney Mia Natale is in for the best sex of her life... more

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