Happily Ever After Series by Jen Meyers

4.08 · 12 ratings
  • Happily Ever Now (Happily Ever After #0.5)

    Happily Ever Now (Happily Ever After #0.5)

    Jen Meyers

    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    Wedding planner Everly Vaughn has three rules for a Happily Ever After:1. Find a nice guy.2. Make sure he passes the BFF test.3. Never--no matter how much you like him--engage the Player (aka Austin, your best friend's brother).What happens if you don't follow them? A Happily Ever Now. (Those don't last.)Too bad Ever doesn't follow her own rules.

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  • Happily Ever After (Happily Ever After #1)

    Happily Ever After (Happily Ever After #1)

    Jen Meyers

    · 4 ratings · published 2016

    For wedding planner Everly Vaughn, her best friend's high-profile Caribbean wedding could be her big break. The good news? She's starting her own business. The bad news? Well... One client. The wedding of the season. Twelve days to pull it off. No staff. A bride who's been engaged four times but never makes it down the aisle. And the bride's brother who she's trying desperately to resist...to no avail. What could possibly go wrong? (Seriously? Absolutely everything.)

  • Yours Truly (Happily Ever After #2)

    Yours Truly (Happily Ever After #2)

    Jen Meyers

    · 2 ratings · published 2016

    Willow Truly doesn’t need a man. Never has, never will. At least, not in the long-term. She’s as keen for a roll in the sack as the next girl, but beyond that, a man’s usefulness runs out quick. A girl’s got to take care of herself, Will’s learned, because as soon as you start to rely on a man, he breaks your heart. She’s bound and determined to never let THAT happen again, so she’s sworn off love, marriage, and living happily ever after... more

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