Ladies in Waiting Series by Pamela DuMond

3.83 · 12 ratings
  • Part-time Princess: (Ladies in Waiting #1)

    Part-time Princess: (Ladies in Waiting #1)

    Pamela DuMond

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    Part-time Princess (Ladies-in-Waiting, #1) Two Princes are in love with her. Too bad she’s an imposter… Hold tight to your tiara, grab your scepter and be prepared for the New Adult hilarious, modern-day romantic-comedy ride of your life! Rated PG-13 and mildly R for: Sexual innuendo. Hot Guys. Hot Guys who are Princes. Flirting. Romance. The occasional naughty word. The occasional naughty royal fantasy. The occasional naughty deed. Romance. Castles... more

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  • Royally Wed (Ladies in Waiting #2)

    Royally Wed (Ladies in Waiting #2)

    Pamela DuMond

    · 3 ratings · published 2016

    From USA Today Bestselling Author Pamela DuMond... Ring the wedding bells, pour the champagne, and get thee to the cathedral for Royally Wed, the LOL sequel to Part-time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting, #1! Lucy Trabbicio, former cocktail waitress and down-to-earth American commoner, is about to marry the man of her dreams, Prince Nicholas of Fredonia in the posh, royal wedding of the year. But something goes very wrong on the way to the altar... more

  • Royally Wed: The Poser (Ladies in Waiting #3)

    Royally Wed: The Poser (Ladies in Waiting #3)

    Pamela DuMond

    · 1 ratings · published 2017

    For Lucy Trabbicio, American commoner and former cocktail waitress, royally wed sex is the best sex… until she discovers that she’s NOT royally wed! Lucy and hot Prince Nicholas Frederick are finally married but they still can’t take their hands off each other... more

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