Cover to Covers Series by Alexandrea Weis

3.94 · 16 ratings
  • Cover to Covers (Cover to Covers #1)

    Cover to Covers (Cover to Covers #1)

    Alexandrea Weis

    · 4 ratings · published 2014

    A man driven by his desires Tyler Moore is considered cold, ruthless, and determined to get everything he wants. CEO of a flourishing oil company, he thrives on order and never gives up control to anyone. The woman from his past. Monique Delome has left her unhappy past behind to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Love is something she believes is better suited to the pages of her novels and not meant for real life... more

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  • The Riding Master (Cover to Covers #2)

    The Riding Master (Cover to Covers #2)

    Alexandrea Weis

    · 2 ratings · published 2014

    A woman finding her way. After a devastating divorce, an emotionally skittish Rayne Masterson swears off men and vows to devote her life to her passion, horses. A man with insatiable desires. Trent Newbury is an expert rider who is arrogant, brash, and has a ruthless reputation for getting any woman he desires. As the new riding master at Southland Stables, Trent is eager to make sure all of his riders are the best they can be... more

  • The Bondage Club (Cover to Covers #3)

    The Bondage Club (Cover to Covers #3)

    Alexandrea Weis

    · 3 ratings · published 2014

    A man looking for a new beginning. Hunter Donovan is a writer who dreamed of penning the great American novel but settled for a job running the family business, Donovan Books. Trapped publishing other people’s stories, Hunter buries his frustrations in vodka and an endless parade of one-night stands. A woman with a secret. Cary Anderson is the perky, petite, and staunchly determined editor who is well versed in erotica fiction... more

  • That Night With You (Cover to Covers #4)

    That Night With You (Cover to Covers #4)

    Alexandrea Weis

    · 4 ratings · published 2014

    Madison Barnett spent one-night with a stranger that changed her life forever. But when she takes a job at Parr and Associates as their newest architect, Madison has no idea that the stranger she has spent five years trying to forget is about to walk right back into her life. And what she hoped would be a fresh start turns into a perplexing dilemma... more

  • Taming Me (Cover to Covers #5)

    Taming Me (Cover to Covers #5)

    Alexandrea Weis

    · 3 ratings · published 2015

    Lexie Palmer is a writer in search of the perfect story. When a case of mistaken identity introduces her to the charismatic dominant, Garrett Hughes, she discovers her salvation. In hopes of penning an accurate portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle, Garrett agrees to educate Lexie. She eagerly places herself in Garret’s capable hands, but what starts out as just business with the sexy Mr. Hughes takes a turn toward the unexpected... more

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