Guardians, Inc. Series by Margaret Daley

4.14 · 22 ratings
  • Christmas Bodyguard (Guardians, Inc. #1)

    Christmas Bodyguard (Guardians, Inc. #1)

    Margaret Daley

    · 4 ratings · published 2010

    Someone's after wealthy Texan Slade Caulder's daughter. Desperate to keep her safe while he determines the motive, the widowed father hires a bodyguard for Abbey. A "female" bodyguard, with the training to protect the girl--and an understanding of a willful teenager who keeps trying to outsmart her. Elizabeth Walker is the perfect combination of caring and toughness for her job. But as the holidays approach, the stalker's threats escalate... more

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  • Protecting Her Own (Guardians, Inc. #2)

    Protecting Her Own (Guardians, Inc. #2)

    Margaret Daley

    · 4 ratings · published 2011

    Nothing short of her dad's stroke could bring professional bodyguard Cara Madison back to Virginia. But her homecoming turns explosive with a pipe-bomb package addressed to her father. Cara knows two things for sure. First, someone's after either her father or her…or both. And second, this job is too big to handle on her own. Unexpected help comes from agent Connor Fitzgerald. Years ago she'd walked away from him…and love... more

  • Hidden in the Everglades (Guardians, Inc. #3)

    Hidden in the Everglades (Guardians, Inc. #3)

    Margaret Daley

    · 4 ratings · published 2011

    "I need your help" Bodyguarding is Kyra Morgan's business--but this was supposed to be a vacation! Still, she can't refuse the request from childhood friend and neighbor Michael Hunt. Michael's sister Amy ran away after witnessing a murder. Michael needs Kyra's help to find her and keep her safe. Yet as Kyra and Michael follow the trail along the Florida coast, their search grows more dangerous by the day. Terrorists are at work, and the stakes are perilously high... more

  • Christmas Stalking (Guardians, Inc. #4)

    Christmas Stalking (Guardians, Inc. #4)

    Margaret Daley

    · 4 ratings · published 2012

    Bodyguard Ellie St. James has one objective: protect her client…without letting her know. Pretending to be Rachel "Winnie" Winfield's assistant lets Ellie stay close, but there's an unexpected complication—Colt Winfield. Winnie's grandson wasn't in on the plans, and the suspicious marine biologist isn't easy to fool. When the truth comes out, so do more threats to Winnie's life. Trapped on a Colorado mountain, Ellie and Colt must trust each other to guard Winnie and find the stalker... more

  • Guarding the Witness (Guardians, Inc. #5)

    Guarding the Witness (Guardians, Inc. #5)

    Margaret Daley

    · 3 ratings · published 2013

    Running out of time… After two months of protective custody, bodyguard Arianna Jackson is days away from testifying at a murder trial when the unthinkable happens. Her Alaska safe house is attacked, and Arianna is forced to go on the run with U.S. Marshal Brody Callahan. Arianna is used to issuing orders, not taking them, but now, out in the wild, with a bounty on her head and a killer on her heels, she has only one hope of making it to testify—the handsome protector at her side.

  • Bodyguard Reunion (Guardians, Inc. #6)

    Bodyguard Reunion (Guardians, Inc. #6)

    Margaret Daley

    · 3 ratings · published 2014

    REUNIONS CAN BE DEADLY Teaming up with an old flame is not what bodyguard Chloe Howard would call a smart move. Nine years ago Chloe and T. J. Davenport worked on a case together, fell in love, then went their separate ways. Now she's reunited with the fearless bodyguard to protect a controversial couple on a book tour through Texas. And the reunion reminds Chloe of dreams best forgotten. She knows she has to keep her emotions in check so their clients' protection remains their top priority... more

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