Altered States Series by L.E. Harner, T.A. Webb

3.69 · 16 ratings
  • Altered States (Altered States #0.5)

    Altered States (Altered States #0.5)

    L.E. Harner

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    New Orleans Police Detective Sam Garrett can't believe his bad luck when he's assigned to investigate a string of gay-bashings turned deadly in the French Quarter. Especially when he realizes Travis Boudreaux, his new, hot, and most-likely-straight partner, plans to use him as bait. The worst part? They've got no back-up because the rest of the city is preoccupied by another series of killings -- the victims drained of blood. This is the prequel for the book, Deep Blues Goodbye , by L... more

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  • Deep Blues Goodbye (Altered States #1)

    Deep Blues Goodbye (Altered States #1)

    L.E. Harner, T.A. Webb

    · 6 ratings · published 2012

    The world might not have been ready for vampires when NOPD Detective Travis Boudreaux had the bad taste to sit up at his own funeral, but two years later, the new cause célèbre is civil rights for preternatural beings and most humans are on the bandwagon. Except whoever is killing vampires and wannabes. Detective Sam Garrett hates all things preternatural. Having your undead partner try to make you his first meal will do that to a guy... more

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