Diablo Lake Series by Lauren Dane

3.77 · 21 ratings
  • Moonstruck (Diablo Lake #1)

    Moonstruck (Diablo Lake #1)

    Lauren Dane

    · 13 ratings · published 2016

    In Diablo Lake, Washington, a town populated by werewolves, witches, and more, magic woven deep into the earth protects the town's secrets from outsiders. Katie Grady left Diablo Lake to get over a humiliating breakup; but her family needs her help, so she's back, in a sublet right across the hall from the guy she's lusted after for years. Jace Dooley is hotter than ever, and their friendship picks up along with massive doses of grown-up chemistry... more

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  • Protected (Diablo Lake #2)

    Protected (Diablo Lake #2)

    Lauren Dane

    · 8 ratings · published 2017

    New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane welcomes you back to Diablo Lake, Tennessee: a town founded by witches, governed by werewolves and full of secrets Tensions are building in Diablo Lake as the two main rival Packs vie for control, and the town is divided along lines of Pack loyalty. Aimee Benton and Mac Pembry are on opposite sides and he seems to find excuses to spar with her daily. He's infuriating—not to mention charming, gorgeous and oh-so-lickable... more

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