Shadow Assassins Series by Cyndi Friberg, Dar Albert, Mary Moran

3.83 · 20 ratings
  • Royal Obsession (Shadow Assassins #1)

    Royal Obsession (Shadow Assassins #1)

    Cyndi Friberg

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Shadow Assassins, Book One: Radical separatists, created at the onset of the Great Conflict, have been made obsolete by years of peace. They live in their subterranean Shadow Maze and only emerge when it's time to breed. For Varrik, that time is now. Varrik, current leader of the Shadow Assassins, knows his people are on the verge of extinction. If they cannot adapt, they will die. Yet if his son were a direct descendant of the High Queen it would secure a place for future generations... more

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  • Mystic Militia (Shadow Assassins #2)

    Mystic Militia (Shadow Assassins #2)

    Cyndi Friberg, Mary Moran, Dar Albert

    · 2 ratings · published 2013

    Shadow Assassins, Book Two: When Tori's sister is targeted by a Shadow Assassin, Tori finds herself trapped between two powerful, alien forces. The Shadow Assassins will stop at nothing to capture and possess their mates, yet the Mystic Militia are just as determined to prevent any more females from being victimized. Lor, leader of the Mystic Militia, knows firsthand the emotional devastation left behind by Shadow Assassins... more

  • Alpha Hunter (Shadow Assassins #3)

    Alpha Hunter (Shadow Assassins #3)

    Cyndi Friberg

    · 2 ratings · published 2013

    Shadow Assassins, Book Three: Angie is stranded in a strange town without a car, money or even her cell phone. Luckily, her sister sends Blayne to the rescue. Angie is expecting a ride and maybe a shoulder to cry on--and then she meets her rescuer. After seeing his gorgeous face and muscular body, Angie can't decide what sort of ride she wants him to give her. Before she can make up her mind, all hell breaks loose... more

  • Fallen Star (Shadow Assassins #4)

    Fallen Star (Shadow Assassins #4)

    Cyndi Friberg

    · 2 ratings · published 2014

    Shadow Assassins, Book Four: When a devastating accident ends Jillian's dancing career, she thinks her life is over. Then a gorgeous man, claiming to be her alien protector, offers to heal her injuries. She has nothing to lose by trusting him and everything to gain. But trust doesn't come easy for Jillian. Odintar has never met a woman as captivating as Jillian. He's lived life on the fringes tolerated yet never truly accepted. Desire ignites between them with the first brush of his hands... more

  • Unique Ink (Shadow Assassins #5)

    Unique Ink (Shadow Assassins #5)

    Cyndi Friberg, Dar Albert

    · 2 ratings · published 2014

    Roxie finds herself in the middle of an interplanetary conflict, though she has no idea why she was targeted. She's kidnapped by the Mystic Militia, who claim they're protecting her. Roxie doesn't know what to believe or who she can trust, so she trusts no one. Then her ruggedly handsome interrogator arrives and her determination crumbles. Elias is ordered to find out what Roxie knows and see if he can figure out why the Shadow Assassins are obsessed with her... more

  • Rebel Heat (Shadow Assassins #6)

    Rebel Heat (Shadow Assassins #6)

    Cyndi Friberg, Mary Moran, Dar Albert

    · 2 ratings · published 2015

    Desperate to escape the suppression collar that has robbed him of his Mystic abilities, Nazerel kidnaps Morgan, director of the human taskforce helping the Mystic Militia. She sabotages him at every turn, determined to escape before he regains his powers. Locked in a battle of wills, they use every weapon at their disposal as each tries to outwit the other. Heightened emotions unleash a passion neither invited, nor can they control... more

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