Troubled Hearts Series by Savannah Brooks

3.90 · 10 ratings
  • Stay (Troubled Hearts #1)

    Stay (Troubled Hearts #1)

    Savannah Brooks

    · 4 ratings · published 2015

    Growing up in Texas, Blake Stevens’ childhood held few happy memories. His dad drank and his mom worked double shifts. Things were okay, to say the least, but everything changed for the worse when the few friends he thought he had outed him to the whole school at sixteen and his boyfriend turned against him. A couple years later, his parents abandoned him after his dad caught him kissing another boy. He thought things might turn around when he enlisted in the Marines... more

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  • Broken (Troubled Hearts #2)

    Broken (Troubled Hearts #2)

    Savannah Brooks

    · 3 ratings · published 2016

    Lucas Dougherty pretty much has everything money can buy, including all the one-night stands a guy in his mid twenties could ever want, but it’s not what he wants, at least, not anymore. On his birthday, Lucas reflects on his past and realizes he wants more. He wants someone to see him, not his money. He wants a guy to share his life with. He wants a family. He wants love. Only he’s never been good with relationships. As a matter of fact, he destroys them. All the men in his family do... more

  • Before It's Too Late (Troubled Hearts #3)

    Before It's Too Late (Troubled Hearts #3)

    Savannah Brooks

    · 3 ratings · published 2017

    Zach Rivas is a family man, or at least, he wants to be. It’s what he’s wanted for years, and it was within his grasp until a couple months ago, when his fiancé broke their engagement. Now, Zach is more lost and alone than ever before, because he’s started to believe that what he wants is out of reach or perhaps, simply not meant to be. Cael Manning didn’t mean to fall in love with his best friend. It just sort of happened. No big deal, right? Wrong... more

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