One Night Series by Allie Boniface

3.20 · 10 ratings
  • One Night in Boston (One Night #1)

    One Night in Boston (One Night #1)

    Allie Boniface

    · 9 ratings · published 2007

    Can anything really change in 24 hours? Can everything? Maggie Doyle is about to lose her home, her business, and her last grip on sanity unless she comes up with fifteen thousand dollars to pay off the bank. Her only option? Forget the pain of one life-altering night, find the stepbrother she hasn't spoken to in years and ask him for help. Everything in Jack Major's life is going according to plan. He's rich, powerful, and about to marry Boston's most successful attorney... more

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  • One Night in Memphis (One Night #2)

    One Night in Memphis (One Night #2)

    Allie Boniface

    · 1 ratings · published 2008

    Can anything really change in twenty-four hours? Can everything? What if a woman, tired of bad choices and broken hearts, traveled a thousand miles to the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, and spent a night forgetting her past in the blues clubs of Beale Street? What if a man who lost his wife to cancer ventured to Beale Street's social scene for the first time in over a year? And what if they met and realized love was still possible for them both? Both Dakota James and Ethan Meriweather have given... more

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