New Orleans' Ladies Series by Liz Talley

4.00 · 4 ratings
  • #1

    The Spirit of Christmas (New Orleans' Ladies #1)

    Liz Talley

    · 2 ratings · published 2012

    Brennan Henry doesn't have time for holly and jolly. He's been too busy boosting the bottom line for the family business. That is, until his eccentric grandfather hands over a lot of money to a stranger on the street. Some nonsense about her being the true spirit of Christmas. Yeah, right. All Brennan can see is he's now got a situation on his hands with one Mary Paige Gentry. Then he meets Mary Paige. And no matter how deep he searches, it seems she's the real deal... more

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  • #2

    His Uptown Girl (New Orleans' Ladies #2)

    Liz Talley

    · 1 ratings · published 2013

    After enduring the destruction of her antique store and a sex scandal involving her late husband, Eleanor Theriot has spent years licking her wounds and raising her daughter, ignoring the woman beneath the cashmere sweater set in favor of playing it safe. Knowing she must reclaim herself and step out of her comfort zone, Eleanor doesn’t expect the first guy she flirts with in twenty years to make her knees weak... more

  • #3

    His Brown-Eyed Girl (New Orleans' Ladies #3)

    Liz Talley

    · 1 ratings · published 2013

    She's saving him from…the kids?  Lucas Finlay is used to calling the shots. But looking after his two nephews and niece in New Orleans, he's entirely out of his league. Luckily help is next door. With almost no effort Addy Toussant manages to make order from the kid chaos. Lucas is beyond grateful…he's also very attracted to her. Images of an adults-only playdate are soon dancing in his head.  Yet something in Addy's golden-brown eyes tells him not to rush her... more

  • #4

    His Forever Girl (New Orleans' Ladies #4)

    Liz Talley

    · 1 ratings · published 2014

    This forever is off to a rocky start!  Meeting Tess Ullo is definitely a sign life's improving for Graham Naquin. After their spectacular night together, he knows there's a lot more to explore between them! Good thing he's aced the interview that will bring him home to New Orleans, his young daughter and Tess.  Too bad things don't go the way Graham hoped. That job he lands running a float-building company? Tess thought it was hers so she quits to work for the competition... more

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