Southern Submissives Series by Dominique Adair

3.50 · 4 ratings
  • Holly (Southern Submissives #1)

    Holly (Southern Submissives #1)

    Dominique Adair

    · 2 ratings · published 2005

    Holly Dominique Adair "Book 1 in the Southern Submissives series." A submissive betrayed. Holly has seen the darker side of the bondage lifestyle and her experience has left her scarred, both physically and emotionally. Reluctant to venture back to the world of sensual excess that calls to her, she's forced to make a choice between facing her fears and saving her livelihood, or losing her heritage and possibly her soul. A master on a mission... more

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  • Katie (Southern Submissives #2)

    Katie (Southern Submissives #2)

    Dominique Adair

    · 2 ratings · published 2007

    Katie Dominique Adair "Book 2 in the Southern Submissives series." Katherine Toussant is looking to fulfill a fantasy. Hard-working Katherine is looking to find a man, fast. When she receives a belated birthday gift, a week at the exclusive Utopia resort, she is both elated and shocked. Utopia is an exclusive resort tailored to fulfill any sexual fantasy imaginable. Seeing that she's spent the past ten years taking care of her ailing mother, Katherine's imagination is running wild... more

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