Scandalous Heroines Series by Jasmine Craig, Jasmine Cresswell

3.00 · 2 ratings
  • #1

    The Devil's Envoy (Scandalous Heroines #1)

    Jasmine Craig, Jasmine Cresswell

    · 1 ratings · published 1988

    Finding a badly beaten man in the Sussex countryside of 1826 was a shock for Charlotte Rippon, but she succored his needs, only to discover that he didn’t seem to speak English. Prince Karim Alexander, working undercover between London and Istanbul, felt it safer for her not to know anything, but he had not counted on his foe’s ingenuity. He snatched Charlotte from her home and attempted to place her in the Emir’s harem... more

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  • #2

    Empire of the Heart (Scandalous Heroines #2)

    Jasmine Craig, Jasmine Cresswell

    · 1 ratings · published 1989

    In a Land of Great Beauty and Intrigue, Their Fates Were Forever Entwined... LUCINDA was beautiful and free-spirited, an English lady ruled by her passions - yet innocent in the ways of love. RASHID was dark and mysterious, an Indian trader who lived by his courage and wits in a world fraught with danger. ----------------------- Crossing the merciless desert sands of Afghanistan, Lucky was kidnapped and enslaved by the brutal khan. Escape was impossible... more

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