B*E*A*S*T Series by Rebecca Goings

3.00 · 4 ratings
  • #1

    The B*E*A*S*T* Within (B*E*A*S*T #1)

    Rebecca Goings

    · 1 ratings · published 2006

    When Lanie Erickson is thrown from her car in a horrific accident, she never dreams she'll be saved by a white tiger! Nor does she think meeting the man who claims to be the tiger's 'friend' will change her life forever--but it does. Noah Carpenter has a terrible secret. Mutated genetically by the agency known as B.E.A.S.T., Noah is a shifter, able to change his shape at will. But he escapes the agency that made him a monster, and now he's on the run... more

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  • #2

    B*e*a*s*t* of Burden (B*E*A*S*T #2)

    Rebecca Goings

    · 1 ratings · published 2007

    Rogan Wolfe desperately wants to find the wife he doesn't remember. After kidnapping him two years earlier, B*E*A*S*T* faked Rogan's death to make it appear as if he'd died in a gruesome car accident. With that knowledge, he is driven to reclaim the life that was so maliciously stolen from him. Marlie Silver is in shock. Not only has she just found out that her husband is alive and well, she learns that he's a shifter--able to change his shape into a timber wolf... more

  • #3

    Nature of the B*e*a*s*t* (B*E*A*S*T #3)

    Rebecca Goings

    · 1 ratings · published 2008

    B*E*A*S*T* series, book 3 Wade McAllister has one thing on his mind--revenge. Kidnapping Clive Covington's daughter seems like a damn good place to start, but he's made a terrible mistake. She knows nothing of the B*E*A*S*T* agency, and she's hardly the witch he's imagined in his nightmares. Oh, she still haunts his dreams. But now, in a much different way. Keira Covington doesn't know what to make of her captor. One minute he's got her bound and gagged, and the next, he's setting her free... more

  • #4

    Mark Of The B*E*A*S*T* (B*E*A*S*T #4)

    Rebecca Goings

    · 1 ratings · published 2010

    For two hellish months, Mackenzie Bishop has been searching the Florida Everglades for the woman he loves, who was kidnapped by B*E*A*S*T*. He finds her at a hidden compound, but their reunion is not what he'd been hoping for. Robyn Groves has been mind-wiped by B*E*A*S*T*. She doesn't remember who she is, yet the man before her is familiar, if only his scent...and his taste. Deciding to trust him, he helps jog her memories with kisses of passion and desire... more

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