October Breezes Series by Maria Rachel Hooley

3.75 · 24 ratings
  • October Breezes (October Breezes #1)

    October Breezes (October Breezes #1)

    Maria Rachel Hooley

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    Skye Williams knows everything there is to know about mistrust: Dad skipped out when she was five. And now Warren Jacobs tries to sweep her Mom off her feet. But Warren's not the only concern rocking Skye's world. Devin Abbott, a guy she's known since kindergarten, has changed. He's become a tall, broad-shouldered guy she might date-if he wasn't her best friend. Skye swears there's nothing between them, but everyone else thinks differently... more

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  • Summer Sunsets (October Breezes #2)

    Summer Sunsets (October Breezes #2)

    Maria Rachel Hooley

    · 10 ratings · published 2011

    In October Breezes, Devin Abbott almost lost the one person who mattered most-Skye Williams. Following a rape and an abortion she'd never counted on, she'd believed suicide the only answer, yet Devin saved her, leaving them both struggling to make sense of a future that included Skye and Devin separating for college. Sometimes, however, the past refuses to leave. After college, the two return home to face fears time has only deepened... more

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