Straight Guys Series by Steve Milton

2.67 · 3 ratings
  • Cruising Altitude (Straight Guys #4)

    Cruising Altitude (Straight Guys #4)

    Steve Milton

    · 1 ratings · published 2013

    Jameson Chan is a Hong Kong businessman with a perfect wife and a few girlfriends in China. Flying home from a grueling week of meetings in the U.S., Jameson retreats to the airplane lavatory to enjoy some private relaxation time. Just outside the lavatory door is Kyle, an experienced flight attendant who's always ready with a smart remark from his highly skilled tongue. The flight encounters turbulence, upsetting not just the tray tables, but Kyle's boredom and Jameson's heterosexuality... more

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  • Cuban Vacation (Straight Guys #8)

    Cuban Vacation (Straight Guys #8)

    Steve Milton

    · 1 ratings · published 2015

    Cuba was the forbidden land ninety miles away. I decided to go on a short trip from Miami to clear my head after my breakup with my girlfriend. I had no itinerary planned, no immediate purpose, other than taking in the foreign and unknown. Cuba was a separate world, where I could live a life completely seperate from my regular life. I could do whatever, explore whatever, but what? Yuniel gave me a purpose... more

  • Ohio Full Monty (Straight Guys #9)

    Ohio Full Monty (Straight Guys #9)

    Steve Milton

    · 1 ratings · published 2015

    When the auto plant closed, my friends and I didn't know where any of us would end up. I answered a help-wanted ad and ended up dancing at a bar called Hard Candy. They were looking for young, muscular autoworker jocks like me to strut for $100 tips and show off our bodies... more

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