Unlikely Mates Series by Charlene Hartnady

4.29 · 37 ratings
  • His First (Unlikely Mates #1)

    His First (Unlikely Mates #1)

    Charlene Hartnady

    · 13 ratings · published 2015

    PART 1: BBW Shifter/Vampire Serial Becky‘s work as a doctor has brought her to the shifter village for a few days. All of the shifter males, including Rushe, have been banned from laying even a single paw on the human female. This is difficult for the Ruche considering his wolf has decided that she is it’s mate. It is something akin to torture when he is put on her security detail having to shadow her every move... more

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  • His Last (Unlikely Mates #2)

    His Last (Unlikely Mates #2)

    Charlene Hartnady

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Rushe must bide his time before being permitted to pursue his mate…even if she doesn’t know that she is his yet. His. Damn. It. Ross wastes no time in going after what he wants, namely, one times lush human. The scent of another male on her skin only incites him further to eradicate the shifter from her mind, by whatever means necessary. Take what is mine… Becky knows that Rushe has his heart set on finding a mate... more

  • Their Everything (Unlikely Mates #3)

    Their Everything (Unlikely Mates #3)

    Charlene Hartnady

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    Who will win the battle to claim Becky? Especially since the victor may not even be able to convince her that forever is possible. The little human has some tough decisions to make. All three of them do. Their choices will not only affect their own futures but those of all the non-humans.

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