Love You Series by Megan Smith, Elaine York, Sommer Stein, Colleen Massott

4.31 · 20 ratings
  • Made to Love You (Love You #5)

    Made to Love You (Love You #5)

    Megan Smith, Elaine York, Sommer Stein, Colleen Massott

    · 14 ratings · published 2015

    Jaylinn McCormick had finally found the man who makes her life complete. After putting the most terrifying night of her life behind her, she’s moving on. Suddenly, unexpected life altering events have Jaylinn spiraling in an unknown direction. Will she be able to survive? Cooper Cahill finally found a balance in his life. He’s got the girl he always loved, business is thriving, and his baseball career is grand slamming down a new path. One phone call threatens to destroy his perfect life... more

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  • Always Love You (Love You #6.5)

    Always Love You (Love You #6.5)

    Megan Smith

    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    Remember the good… Join Sadie McCormick’s children, Hunter McCormick and Jaylinn Cahill, as they dive into their mother’s past by discovering a diary she left behind for them. They know it’s not going to be easy but they’ll always have the memories of the good times, even when those good times were cut short... more

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