Hellions Ride Series by Chelsea Camaron, Ryan Michele

4.38 · 40 ratings
  • Simple Ride (Hellions Ride #6)

    Simple Ride (Hellions Ride #6)

    Chelsea Camaron

    · 11 ratings · published 2015

    After surviving the heat, the torture, and making it out of the sandbox one mission at a time, I have spent years on the ride, going mile after mile to escape the past. I thought I had left hell behind. Only, it is hard to run from the demons inside you. It all changed when I found the Hellions brotherhood. My nightmares were chased away with the daylight of my new purpose in the club. I’m a whore, born from trash; that’s what he always told me... more

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  • Heated Ride (Hellions Ride #7)

    Heated Ride (Hellions Ride #7)

    Chelsea Camaron

    · 11 ratings · published 2015

    The Hellions motorcycle club is a commitment for life, one Ruben ‘Ruby’ Castillo believes in. His wife Jenna ‘Vida’ Natera de Castillo has given her life to being his ol’ lady and the mother to their three children. She takes her commitment to her man seriously. People change, and over time, passion can fizzle. Life for Jenna falls apart the day Ruby no long-er says I do. Keeping the fires burning in a marriage is hard... more

  • Ride with Me (Hellions Ride #7.5)

    Ride with Me (Hellions Ride #7.5)

    Ryan Michele, Chelsea Camaron

    · 11 ratings · published 2016

    Two stories, two couples, two motorcycle clubs. One transport brings them together as they keep the love alive in their relationships. Drexel ‘Rex’ Crews, hands down, gives his woman, Caroline ‘Lux’ Milton, whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Now she wants a wedding. But first, he has a run for Crews Transports to Sumner, Georgia for the Ravage MC before he can give her the rest of his life. Every run for the Hellions MC is full of danger and chaos, and this one is no different... more

  • Final Ride (Hellions Ride #9)

    Final Ride (Hellions Ride #9)

    Chelsea Camaron

    · 7 ratings · published 2016

    Final Ride Everything I have never had is right in front of me. Family, it’s mine for the taking. For the first time in my life, I found stability in the Hellions MC. From the ground up, I’ve been loyal to my brothers. Now the time has come when I may have to choose between the family I’ve never known or the club I’ve built and given my all to. Richard ‘Frisco’ Billings is the California kid who rode into Haywood’s Landing when the Hellions were needing an extra man... more

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