The Borough Boys Series by Tamsin Baker, Jess Buffett

3.67 · 9 ratings
  • Grayson's Mate (The Borough Boys #1)

    Grayson's Mate (The Borough Boys #1)

    Tamsin Baker

    · 4 ratings · published 2016

    What would you do if you found your destined mate, and they were the last person you ever expected them to be? Grayson's pack are painted with a distinctive birth mark so that they know their destined mate by sight. Unfortunately, Grayson, at thirty-five years old, has not found his. He's searched high and low, every woman he can encounter. To no avail. An accountant and business manager by trade, it's his job to keep their pack growing, and financially stable... more

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  • Aaron's Mate (The Borough Boys #2)

    Aaron's Mate (The Borough Boys #2)

    Tamsin Baker, Jess Buffett

    · 2 ratings · published 2017

    Aaron Tanner is an Alpha werewolf in the pack of Greensborough. As with all wolves in their community, Aaron’s mark developed when he turned 21 years old, calling to his mate to step forward with their matching birthmark. But it has been almost twenty years since he began his search, to no avail. Aaron needs his mate, and the ache in his body has been getting stronger with each day that passes... more

  • Brad's Mate (The Borough Boys #3)

    Brad's Mate (The Borough Boys #3)

    Tamsin Baker, Jess Buffett

    · 2 ratings · published 2017

    Brad's the last of the Borough Alphas to fall and his mate will be the most shocking of all. Brad Talon has travelled more than anyone in the pack. Unable to stay still for long, he has roamed far and wide. But something has been tugging at him for a year now. So hard that he comes back home, to Greensborough to see what calls to him... more

  • Megan's Mate (The Borough Boys #4)

    Megan's Mate (The Borough Boys #4)

    Tamsin Baker,

    · 1 ratings · published 2018

    M/F paranormal romance. Borough Boys 4. Alpha born female, Megan Nox, has a birthmark which should match her perfect mate's, yet no Alpha male in the Greensborough pack has that same mark. Her fated mate must be outside the pack and Megan is convinced he will be at the upcoming Spring Festival. Lucas Noll is a Beta in the Robinvale pack which uses and abuses their underlings. The pack to which he is devoted, which should protect him, but which cut the birthmark from his belly... more

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