The Vampire's Mage Series by C.N. Crawford

4.02 · 62 ratings
  • Magic Hunter: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Vampire's Mage #1)

    Magic Hunter: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Vampire's Mage #1)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 18 ratings · published 2016

    Rosalind lives for the hunt. Now she might die for it. Rosalind’s mission is simple: hunt demons and mages. As a member of the Brotherhood, she’s dedicated to protecting the world from dark magic. Someone’s got to stop the supernatural bloodlust—plus, hunting’s a hell of a lot more exciting than her computer science classes. Everything's going to plan until she meets Caine, a mage in league with the demons. He’s scary as hell and just as sexy... more

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  • Witch Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #2)

    Witch Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #2)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 19 ratings · published 2016

    A web of secrets. Bloodthirsty demons. A new nightmare. Humans are going missing all over the city. Bloodthirsty shadow demons are attacking, and the Brotherhood want to return to the old ways to control the chaos. Digging deeper into these sinister new threats, Rosalind once again joins forces with Caine. But the sexy incubus has been keeping some major secrets from her—secrets that hold clues to her own history... more

  • Blood Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #3)

    Blood Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #3)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 13 ratings · published 2016

    With both her best friend and sister safe, Rosalind has nearly everything she wants. The three of them dream of a simple life together--a cozy little house in the woods. If nothing else, it would take Rosalind far away from the gorgeous incubus Caine and the conflicted feelings he inspires. But when Rosalind’s psychopathic cousin Drew invades the vampire kingdom, the slaughter begins. He punishes Rosalind in the worst way possible. Now under siege, Rosalind's old plans are in shambles... more

  • Divine Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #4)

    Divine Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #4)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 12 ratings · published 2017

    All’s fair in love and magic. Rosalind is preparing for all-out war with Drew, who wields gods-magic with terrifying skill. But now Rosalind is learning to harness gods-magic, too. When she next encounters her cousin, she wants to destroy him completely. Unfortunately for her, Drew launches a surprise attack on the vampire city. Torn away from Caine, she's trapped in Drew’s sadistic world where she has to do whatever he commands. But a quiet rage simmers under the surface.. more

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