Wolf Trials Series by Tamara White

4.15 · 23 ratings
  • Her Mates (Wolf Trials #1)

    Her Mates (Wolf Trials #1)

    Tamara White

    · 16 ratings · published 2018

    Having been on the run for most of her life, Dani has no idea what to expect when she moves to yet another school. She thinks it’ll be like any other place she’s lived. She’ll have to endure a few grueling months of being picked on by the ‘mean girls,’ and maybe having a fling or two with a human. But what she doesn’t expect is to be confronted on the first day by a wolf claiming to be her mate... more

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  • Her Protectors (Wolf Trials #2)

    Her Protectors (Wolf Trials #2)

    Tamara White

    · 7 ratings · published 2017

    Death. That’s what my life has become. My mother died protecting me. My father died from poison intended for me. How long until someone tries to kill my mates? The third trial is here. The day after saying farewell to her father, she’s forced to move on and complete the next trial. To make matters worse all the elders insist coming with her. Under their watchful eye, she must fix the problems, real or fictional, in each pack to improve their stability and prove she will be a wise leader... more

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