Club Deep Series by Penny Wylder

3.88 · 34 ratings
  • Tease (Club Deep #1)

    Tease (Club Deep #1)

    Penny Wylder

    · 14 ratings · published 2017

    Welcome to Club Deep -- the hottest new place on the block. All your fantasies can happen here... but I had NO IDEA it was that kind of place when I applied to be a waitress. I didn't realize until my first night, and by then, it was too late to back out. Especially when I met my boss. Cole Andrews... how do I describe him? Sinfully tempting, a living sculpture you just want to run your hands down. He's impossibly sexy and he can't keep his eyes off of me... more

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  • Spread (Club Deep #2)

    Spread (Club Deep #2)

    Penny Wylder

    · 12 ratings · published 2017

    Welcome to Club Deep-- the hottest, dirtiest club on the block. And my brand new home. I didn't mean to audition for a job as a GoGo Dancer. It was an accident-- I was only trying to encourage my nervous friend. She's the one who really wanted the job! I guess I made an impression, though... because the club owner hired me on the spot. When I hesitated, he tempted me with a huge salary; WAY more than anyone else... more

  • Bang (Club Deep #3)

    Bang (Club Deep #3)

    Penny Wylder

    · 8 ratings · published 2017

    Club Deep is my new addiction. If you combine my dry spell in the dating world with a cute guy name dropping a place I've never heard of, you'll discover all the pieces that led to me wandering into a wild place like Club Deep. It blows my mind that a perverted world like this exists. It's even crazier that... after spending some time here... I kind of love it. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the cute guy I met—Hudson—is one of the owners... more

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