Doing Bad Things Series by Jordan Marie, Robin Harper

4.04 · 36 ratings
  • Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things #1)

    Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things #1)

    Jordan Marie, Robin Harper

    · 13 ratings · published 2017

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if your high school crush finally noticed you? What if it happens 12 years later? I’ve only loved one man in my life. Gavin O’Leary. He made my high school days a nightmare. Not because he loved me. Not because he hated me. But because he had no idea who I was. He was the popular guy with the chiseled abs, dark tan and perfect hair. You know the type. The type that only dated the perfect-ten, cheerleader. I was the loner... more

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  • In Too Deep (Doing Bad Things #2)

    In Too Deep (Doing Bad Things #2)

    Jordan Marie

    · 11 ratings · published 2017

    I did a really bad thing. I’m not a bad person, I swear. I just made a few mistakes. Mistake number one was agreeing to rent my hotel out to an insufferable a**hole, named Aden Smith. Mistake number two was ignoring his threats to sue me when he handed over a list of items he deemed “unacceptable”. Mistake number three was diving into the pool to save his life when he fell. It would have been less complicated to hide his body... more

  • Taking It Slow (Doing Bad Things #3)

    Taking It Slow (Doing Bad Things #3)

    Jordan Marie

    · 12 ratings · published 2018

    A bottle of tequila 10 lime wedges 1 sexy blonde Add in a crazy Vegas weekendLick and Swallow.What do you get? A recipe for disaster. Titan Last night I got married. I think. I'm not exactly sure. I was drunk off my ass, so it's not exactly crystal clear. But, I woke up with a ring on my finger, a marriage certificate, and a sneaking suspicion I had a wild wedding night. Oh, and a bride who is long gone. Apparently, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay here... more

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